Everything in the list below is perfect for an introductory-level, high school biology course. If you want to learn about cellular respiration at the AP Biology or introductory college level (ATP, Glycolysis, Link Reaction, Krebs and the Electron Transport Chain), click here. You can also watch my series of  photosynthesis movies for a detailed presentation of photosynthesis at the college level.

  1. Life and Energy Tutorial and Quiz: Defines energy;  compares and contrasts light, chemical, and kinetic energy. 
  2. Energy, ATP, and ADP Tutorial and Quiz: Describes basic chemical reactions; the structure of ATP; the ATP-ADP cycle.
  3. Cells Make ATP Through Cellular Respiration Tutorial and Quiz: A very basic overview of how cells make ATP. Does NOT cover any specific reactions (Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, or the Electron Transport Chain).
  4. Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration Tutorial and Quiz: Compares aerobic with anaerobic respiration; gives an overview of alcohol fermentation and lactic acid fermentation. 
  5. Photosynthesis: An Overview (Tutorial and Quiz:). Provides a very broad overview of what happens during photosynthesis; describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration. Does NOT cover the Light Reactions or the Calvin Cycle. 
  6. Energy Overview Cumulative Quiz: A quiz that draws from all the areas above.