Welcome! If you’re getting ready for your Biology Semester Finals or the AP exam, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what to do (remember that you’ll need a paid subscription to access quizzes)

  1. Spend a few hours taking the AP Bio Multiple Choice and FRQ quizzes below. Take the questions in random order. Get a sense of which areas you’ll need to review.
  2. Go to my AP Bio Course Outline: Use the tutorials linked off of that menu to brush up on needed areas.
  3. Go back to the AP Bio Multiple Choice and FRQ quizzes. Work on these until you get to mastery on all the questions.

If you’re in cramming mode, this is the best way to do it.  

  1. AP Biology Review Flashcards (273 Flashcards, organized into the 8 AP Biology Units).
  2. AP Biology Multiple Choice Review (over 300 interactive M.C. Questions, aligned to the College Board’s 2019 framework)
  3. AP Biology FRQ Review Quiz (over 100 interactive short answer questions, aligned to the College Board’s 2019 framework)
  4. AP Biology Musical Review (When you need to take a break: A Playlist of 20 Songs for AP Bio Review)