On May 18th, you’ll be taking a 45 minute, at home, all FRQ AP Bio test. So, to practice, you should be typing out your answers to the practice FRQs below.

To help you study, I’ve put together a practice schedule, and a google doc. where you can put your answers. If you’re studying on your own, then make a copy of this document, and start working. If you’re in a class, check with your teacher.

The video below has some helpful tips for how to use the FRQs below.

[qwiz style=”width: 700px !important;” use_dataset=”FRQ Dataset, 2019″ qrecord_id=”sciencemusicvideosMeister1961-AP Bio Exam 2019 FRQ Review” display_name=”2019-20 Practice FRQs”]

[h]2019 FRQs, aligned to 2019 CED


Welcome to this cumulative FRQ review quiz.

Units 1 – 8 below correspond to Units 1 – 8 in the College Board’s AP Biology curriculum. Unit 9 covers material on the nervous and immune systems. Remember that this year’s exam is limited to units 1 – 6


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