This outline lists the major concepts in the AP curriculum.

If you’re using this for review for the AP Biology exam, you should know that the AP Biology exam is  oriented toward data and scenario analysis, and much less about memorization of content. But the more biology you know, the better you’ll be at generating the kinds of explanations required for the FRQ portion of the test, and the better you’ll understand the questions you’ll be posed on the multiple choice portion.

In addition to what’s below, you should do the following:

  1. Study every past FRQ that you can get your hands on. These are materials that belong to the College Board, and this page is a great place to start.
  2. Take as many past AP tests as you can. These tests are secure, which means that they’re not online, and you’ll have to get  these from your teacher during in-class review. The more of these tests you take, the better you’ll be prepared for the actual test in May.
  3. Use my Biomania tests. You can access these at this page, or through the Biomania app.

Mr. W’s 2021 AP Bio Content Review Outline

Be able to define and explain all the terms below. If there are embedded questions, be able to answer them.

Important! Note that all links in the document below take you to That’s what will be called in 2021.What you’re going to is essentially a clone of the website you’ve been using all year). The tutorials are the same.

You can also access the document below directly through this link.