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What is Biomania?

Biomania is a test preparation app that will help you get ready for the AP Biology exam or your semester finals.

What does Biomania Cover?

Biomania consists of 308 interactive multiple choice and 114 free response questions. The questions cover content from the areas shown below.

How does Biomania Work?

You can choose specific areas to focus on (recommended if you’re studying for a unit test or semester final). Or you can have the app give you questions chosen from throughout the curriculum (recommended if you’re preparing for the AP exam or a cumulative course final.

Multiple choice questions are written and delivered in a way that that makes learning effective and efficient.

If you get the answer right, you get immediate positive feedback. If you get it wrong, you get a hint about the correct answer. Study the hint carefully, because after a random interval, you’ll get the question again.

Free response questions provide you with AP style prompts.


Your job is formulate the best answer, and compare it to a sample answer.

If you feel you’ve mastered that question, you can “Mark Passed.” Otherwise, you can mark “Revisit Later” so that you’ll see that question again.

Work at your own pace: the app saves your progress on each area from session to session.

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