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3. Planning Documents

  1. AP Bio Curriculum Plan/Scope and Sequence: (This is a bird’s eye view of my curriculum in spreadsheet format. It will definitely be evolving over the next year as I implement the new 2019 framework.
  2. 2019 Course Outline: the College Board’s 2019 Course and Exam Description reformatted into an easy to navigate outline.
  3. AP Biology Agendas: my week by week plan
    1. 2019-2020 Weekly Agendas (starting August, 2019)
    2. Last year’s agenda (for the school year that started in August, 2018)
    3. 2017-2018 agenda (for two years ago)
  4. AP Bio course Themes (four ideas that will pull everything together)
  5. Study Questions (guided questions for reading)
    1. Campbell, Biology in Focus 2ed, Study Questions (keyed to the new 2019 AP Bio Framework)
    2. Campbell, Biology, 9th Edition
  6. Course Review Materials (cumulative multiple choice and FRQ quizzes, vocabulary builders, etc.

4. Some of my favorite teacher handouts

If you’re a teacher, use these labs, guided readings, and other activities with your students. These sheets are in .pdf format. Editable Microsoft Word or PowerPoint versions are available for sale (or for free, if the material isn’t my own original work) at my Teachers PayTeachers store.
  1. Click here for my entire scientific method unit, which I use to start the year with my freshman biology students at Berkeley High School
  2. Properties of Living Things
  3. Properties of Water Lab with Stats
  4. Viruses and the Properties of Life
  5. Viewing Cells Lab
  6. Structure and Function in Living Things
  7. Acids and Bases: Reading and Lab
  8. Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase
  9. Inside the Cell: An Excerpt from Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything
  10. Cell Size/Surface Area to Volume Lab
  11. Diffusion and Osmosis Lab
  12. Cell Membrane Model Lab
  13. Transport Across Cell Membranes
  14. Gummy Bear Osmosis lab
  15. Understanding Free Energy
  16. Respiration with Respirometers (lab)
  17. Yogurt, Alcohol, and Fermentation  (reading and lab/demonstration)
  18. Photosynthesis with Spinach Disks Lab
  19. Cell Division (Time for Stages of Mitosis) Lab
  20. Genetics Problem Sets (Mendelian, Blood Type, Sex-Linked, Dihybrid Crosses)
  21. Discovery of DNA Worksheet 
  22. Protein Synthesis and the Genetic Code Worksheet
  23. Peppered Moth Evolution Modeling (Computer Lab)
  24. Population Genetics Simulation Lab
  25. Molecular Model Building Lab
  26. Endomembrane System Worksheet (E.R, Golgi, Lysosomes)
  27. Evidence for Evolution Worksheet
  28. Enzymes Note Taking Sheet (supports the Enzymes Powerpoint on my TpT store)
  29. Enzymes Powerpoint
  30. Cellular Respiration Note Taking Sheet (supports the Cellular Respiration PowerPoint on my TpT store)
  31. Cellular Respiration Powerpoint (this is a PDF of the powerpoint)
  32. DNA Structure and Replication Powerpoint (this is a PDF of the powerpoint)
  33. DNA structure and Replication Student Note taking Guide (goes with powerpoint above)