1. AP Bio 2020 Curriculum Scope and Sequence:

This is a bird’s eye view of my curriculum in spreadsheet format, newly refigured for 2020-21. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

2. 2019 College Board AP Bio Course Outline 

The College Board’s 2019 AP Bio Course and Exam Description reformatted into an easy to navigate outline.

3. AP Biology Agendas: my week by week plan

    1. 2020-21 Weekly Agendas (what I’m doing this year. 100% distance learning . AP Bio in 90 days, starting August, 2020)
    2. 2019-2020 Weekly Agendas (What I did last year, starting August, 2019)

4. AP Bio course Themes (four ideas that will pull everything together)

5. Study Questions (guided questions for reading)

Full disclosure. I’m a post-textbook teacher. My AP Biology curriculum on sciencemusicvideos.com is what I use to help my students master the content of my AP Biology course. But if you want to assign textbook readings to your students, there questions might be helpful.

    1. Campbell, Biology in Focus 2ed, Study Questions (keyed to the new 2019 AP Bio Framework)
    2. Campbell, Biology, 9th Edition