Are you looking for a guide about how to teach AP Bio? This is for you. While this will be a work in progress for a while, my goal here is to have a unit-by-unit, week-by-week guide to teaching AP Bio while using In each unit guide, you’ll find

  • Learning objectives (in a friendlier format than what you’d find in the College Board’s Course and Exam Description).
  • Teaching tips
  • Ideas and links for activities and labs.

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Table of Contents

Unit 1: Course Introduction; Chemistry of Life

Unit 2: Cells and Membranes

Unit 3: Cellular Energetics

Unit 4: Cell Communication and the Cell Cycle

Unit 5: Heredity

Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation

Unit 7: Evolution

Unit 8: Ecology

AP Bio Exam Review Strategies

After the Exam