Helping students succeed in college biology is difficult. Our interactive biology course makes it easier.

  • INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS let you deliver the support your students need.
  • EASY-TO-USE TOOLS let you assign tutorials and monitor student achievement.

Teaching biology was hard enough. Now you need the distance-learning solution provided by

Interaction with biology content that leads to better learning.

  • INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS with clear explanations followed by quizzes, interactive diagrams, and flashcards.
  • STUDENTS GET THE PRACTICE THEY NEED to master the biology that you’re teaching in lecture and lab. 

You’ll see your students’ grades increase. They’ll be better biological thinkers. They’ll do better on your tests. 

Student access to our site costs $19/student (paid by students) 

Instructor tools that make it easy to guide students toward success

  • Easy to use performance monitoring tools let you assign tutorials and track which quizzes your students have completed.
  • Every tutorial has a student learning guide — a handout that guides students through the content, and allows them to summarize, compare and contrast, and interconnect topics and themes. These guides are available as Google docs for printing out or for online distribution.

When you use student performance monitoring in combination with the student learning guide handouts, you’ll have an unmatched combination of accountability and achievement. 

A plan for success for ALL of your biology students

  1. Set up a professor account. 
  2. Assign tutorials that correspond to what you’re teaching. 
  3. Students log-in to your course at, buy a $19 subscription,  and start learning. 

Why is it called sciencemusicvideos?

Once upon a time there was a high school teacher, who also played guitar. He wrote songs for his students teaching about Cells, Glycolysis, Mitosis, DNA…you name it! Then he made a YouTube channel called sciencemusicvideos. Over the next decade, his channel got 12,000,000 views, and over 100,000 subscribers. When he made his website, he kept the sciencemusicvideos name. Then he added an interactive online curriculum for AP and College Biology.  

Glenn Wolkenfeld (Mr. W.)
Biology Teacher

Built by an award-winning teacher

I’ve been teaching biology since 1987, and AP Bio since 1999. I’ve helped hundreds of students get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. I’ve also trained hundreds of high school teachers in effective teaching techniques. 
The quizzes, flashcards, and interactive diagrams in the tutorials on SCIENCEMUSICVIDEOS.COM mirror the techniques I use in my classroom to guide my students toward success. I use these interactive tutorials with my own students, and now I’m happy to share them with your students. 

Would you like a guided tour?

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