Some changes to for next year.

Dear Friends and colleagues,

If you’re a classroom teacher, congratulations on finishing another school year.

We’re planning a few changes to for 2019-2020. Here they are.

  1. Payment Model
    1. Teachers who want to buy a teacher license can still do so for $29. But we’re moving to a model where the school pays (and not the individual teacher). The way we’re doing that by giving teachers free-trial licenses that vary in duration, depending on when they start their trial. After the trial, we invoice the school. The school pays an amount that varies from $69 to $99 based on when they pay (earlier is cheaper). You can read all about the details here.
    2. If you’re a teacher who paid out of pocket with your own money last year, you can continue to do that.  But we’d prefer that you get your school to pay. If you’re a subscriber, you do that by logging into In the top right corner of the page, you’ll see “License through…” Click on that. It’ll generate an invoice for you (with a little help from you). Print out the invoice, and have your school pay. Again, if your school won’t support you, then just renew your subscription by paying us $29 through PayPal.
  2. Curriculum
    1. I’ve been working to make a complete interactive curriculum where you can send your students to help them master the content they need to succeed in AP Biology. I’ve added, over the course of the past year, a lot more content. You can see these all at this menu. New modules added include:
      1. biotechnology,
      2. the origin of life,
      3. eukaryotic gene regulation,
      4. animal development,
      5. feedback loops/homeostasis,
      6. transpiration and water transport in plants, and
      7. response to the environment/animal behavior.
    2. Like everyone else, I’m working to realign my curriculum with the new AP Biology Framework that the College Board released in April, 2019 (something that I hope you noticed when you went to If you’re not familiar with what the College Board is mandating, go here.  To help you get started with this realignment, I’ve posted these planning documents.  They include links to labs, textbook readings, and other resources.
    3. I’ll continue to work this summer to make complete. Anything that I don’t finish this summer, I’ll do my best to finish before we get to it in the curricular sequence that most of us will be following.
    4. Next year, I’m going to post a weekly blog about teaching AP Bio, focusing on what I’m doing in the classroom. Just keep subscribing to this blog. The only difference is that I’ll be posting content to it.
    5. I’m also going to videoblog my course. That means a short week video every week…

That’s it. Have the greatest of summers. Let me know if you have any ideas, complaints, or compliments. If you have a lot of the latter, please pass on the work about how can support teaching and learning to your colleagues at other school!

Most sincerely,

Glenn (AKA Mr. W)