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You can succeed in biology!

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Don't Let Your Biology Course Leave You Behind

Biology is difficult. It’s ridiculously fast-moving. It’s full of hard-to-grasp ideas. The vocabulary is enormous. It’s easy to feel discouraged. 

Interact with biology in a way that leads to better grades and test scores.

  • INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS with clear explanations followed by quizzes, interactive diagrams, and flashcards.
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You’ll do better on your tests and final exams. You’ll see your grades improve. If you’re in AP Bio, you’ll set yourself up for success on the AP Bio exam.

You don’t need an expensive tutor. All the support you need is here. It costs $19 for a one year subscription. That’s less than you’d spend on a movie and a cheap dinner. 

What biology students are saying

My biggest challenge with AP biology was keeping each step of the biological processes in order. SCIENCEMUSICVIDEOS.COM provided an interactive way for me to follow each step in any biological phenomenon with pictures and informational captions. The variety of activities made each tutorial fun and engaging. I was able to practice and solidify my learning into memorized concepts. I would highly recommend SCIENCEMUSICVIDEOS.COM to anyone taking a biology class (first year to AP).

Mihika D., Scripps College, California

For me, the toughest thing about AP Bio was remembering so many names of molecules, structures, and processes, and how they all fit together. Any time I felt shaky on a topic, a quick tutorial from SCIENCEMUSICVIDEOS.COM drastically improved my comprehension. The tutorials were super helpful for both review of concepts and memorization. They definitely made it easier to get an “A” in class and a “5” on the AP test.


Noah B, Brown University, Rhode Island

Your Biology Success Plan

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